Twitter legend Dril profiled

Paul "Dril" Dochney, the best Twitterer of all, is profiled in The Ringer.

Active since 2008, the Dril account—simultaneously known by the profile name "Wint"—with its grainy Jack Nicholson avatar, has been responsible for countless viral posts, just as beloved for the vivid scenes they induce as for the baffling grammatical and spelling errors they contain. Many of his tweets have become part of the permanent online lexicon: "'im not owned! im not owned!!', i continue to insist as i slowly shrink and transform into a corn cob"; "issuing correction on a previous post of mine, regarding the terror group ISIL. you do not, under any circumstances, 'gotta hand it to them'"; "i am selling six beautfiul, extremely ill, white horses. they no longer recognize me as their father, and are the Burden of my life."

To most people, he is nothing; show the unaffiliated some of his posts, and they will likely just generate confusion and possibly anguish.

Sounds like he's sick of Twitter, for the obvious reasons: "You gotta commend Elon for doing everything in his power to wipe this nuisance website off the face of the earth."