Washington county officially designated a refuge for Sasquatch

In Washington State, Clallam County commissioners have officially proclaimed that their county is a "refuge for Sasquatch" and should provide protection and security for the cryptids if any choose to reside there. This proclamation is a re-up of the same resolution unanimously passed last year following lobbying by students at Lincoln Elementary School in Holquiam, Washington. The effort was part of a civics lesson by teacher Andrea Andrews.

"Well, my class did it again," Andrews posted to Facebook. "5th graders are saving Sasquatch one county at a time. As of yesterday Clallam County has an official proclamation protecting Sasquatch. After researching Bigfoot and writing an awesome persuasive letter, they got to zoom in to the county meeting yesterday. I'm so proud of those kids!"

From an article about last year's efforts published in The Daily World:

Students engaged in a thorough research process to first determine their stance on the existence of Bigfoot before deciding if laws were needed to protect the creature.

"They had to make a decision from day one if Bigfoot was real and hadn't been discovered yet, or that it was just a big bear and people had misidentified it," said Ms. Andrews. "They had to do research on Bigfoot, and they could change their mind as they went."

According to Andrews, the class was fairly evenly split on day one, with about 60 percent of students in favor of Bigfoot's existence and 40 percent opposed.