Actor Michael Rapaport expresses his elation at Tucker Carlson's firing

Today, we are all Michael Rapaport. In this uplifting self-shot video, the actor/comedian shares his thoughts on the ousting of clownish demagogue Tucker Carlson.

"Hahahahahahahahahahah! HAH, you fuck!" he exclaims, his glee palpable as he struts through the concrete jungle. "Woooh! Oh my goodness gracious. The day was already good enough with the Knicks being up three-to-one. And now this. Tucker Carlson, you're out. You're fired. A once great former reality TV star used to love saying "You're fired." Well, you fuck, you. You are fired. Seven hundred eighty-seven reasons why you got to go. Tucker Carlson, you giggling, cackling fool. You cackling, giggling fuck you. Bye-bye. Last week it was Don Bongino. And now this. I don't know how much more can one person take? It's so good. It's oh so good, Tucker Carlson, you fucking bozo-ass subliminal bullshit artist. You're a fucking bullshit artist. Oh my god. It's just so good. Woooh!"