Gillian Jacobs thinks Community fans need to reevaluate season six

During its initial run on NBC, Community was unanimously praised as one of the most innovative and consistently hilarious sitcoms on the market. While the airwaves were being inundated with mockumentary-style clones of The OfficeCommunity dared to break away from the traditional sitcom format with episodes that remain some of the most experimental entries into the genre. Consequently, Community found itself swimming upstream, as its tendency to experiment caused casual viewers of the series to scratch their heads a little too often. 

After its cancelation on network television, Community was revived by Yahoo and attempted to go for a victory lap on the streaming service. Unfortunately, the show's final season has been considered something of a failure in the eyes of fans. According to AV Clubformer Community star Gillian Jacobs believes fans might have been too harsh in their appraisal of the show's polarizing sixth season. Hopefully, the rumored Community movie will recapture the show's magic among the fandom. 

Gillian Jacobs knows exactly how devoted and adoring the Community fandom is, but she does have one wish for the culture: that more fans would give the series' final season a few more flowers.

"I think season 6 is underrated, so I would advocate for some season 6 episodes," Jacobs shares with The A.V. Club when asked about her favorite episodes of the sitcom. "I know it was hard to watch on Yahoo! Screen, but now it's all together, so you can watch it again! [Seasons] 1-3 feels like universal agreement upon, 4-5 mixed feelings, and then 6 I feel is unfairly maligned. I like the RV episode in season 6 (episode 10, "Basic RV Repair and Palmistry") where we have a giant hand strapped to the ceiling of an RV… I feel like there were some great episodes in there, and we had really great additions to the cast in season 6 as well, so I would encourage people to check it out."