Puffle the sheep patiently waits to be welcomed into house

On Tuesday, April 18, a fluffy sheep wandered off its farm and found itself at the South Windsor, Connecticut, home of Eric Cormier and his girlfriend Megan DeCosta. MassLive explains:

Cormier said the white, puffy sheep, with several tags attached to its ears and spray painting over its back was slightly damp from a morning rain shower. He walked outside his Brook Street home to snap a picture and say hello to the fluffy friend.

As Cormier began to greet the sheep, the animal walked closer and started running toward his door.

Reflexively, Cormier backed up, kept his space and closed his door so the animal couldn't get in. However, the second the sheep locked eyes on his door Cormier said she was "dead set" on coming into his house.

The sheep stayed at their house for hours, waiting patiently to be welcomed inside, first at the front door and then at the backdoor. Cormier contacted Animal Control, who were already aware that a sheep was wandering around town, and had already begun calling local farms to find the sheep's owner. The sheep was eventually returned safely to its farm. Again, MassLive:

Later that night, Animal Control came by to take Puffle back to her farm on Nevers Road in South Windsor. Cormier said Puffle's departure was bittersweet, he was happy to see her safely returned home but was sad to lose a friend he had only just started to form a connection with.

Cormier seems to have been truly moved by the unexpected visit:

"I'm blessed for the day and the experience," said Cormier. After having conversations with his girlfriend the pair are now considering bringing a sheep into their home in the future.