Donald Trump's latest campaign ad whacks disloyal DeSantis over the head again (video)

A timid Gov. Ron DeSantis has been hinting for months on end that he will run for president in 2024, but like a game of Whac-A-Mole, every time he pokes his head out of his swampy hole, a pissed-off Donald Trump smacks him back down. Such as in the latest ad paid for by the MAGA boss, who tears into the ungrateful Florida man for showing no loyalty.

The ad starts off with a struggling DeSantis who was "saved" by Don Trump when the former game show host endorsed and thus propelled ol' pudding fingers to Florida's highest office. "I'd like to thank our president for standing by me when it wasn't necessary," Capo DeSantis fawningly said at the time.

But DeSantis' fealty soon vanished as he got too big for his britches, and his great disloyalty will noy be forgotten. As the senior Donald Trump tells it, "There is only one person who can make America great again." And it ain't the Guv. Welcome to the grand ol' family. (See video below, posted by Medium Buying.)

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