"Star Wars Jedi: Survivor" is one of the best games I've ever played

If you love Star Wars and you play video games, Jedi Survivor is a can not miss experience. I am having so much fun with this game and so few technical problems I can not recommend it highly enough.

I get that people with gaming PCs that are not mine are not sharing the same great experience I am, but I felt I had to say — this game is fucking awesome! I have heard the same from other friends, even if they have had a crash or two.

OK, as with Jedi: Fallen Order, the total of my technical issues amount to pairing a goddamn controller with my PC. For some reason, It won't happen via BlueTooth, and I have to play with a USB cable connecting the controller to the box. I have tried two different Xbox controllers that paired with an Xbox One X just fine, but the PC will not see. I also had to remember my EA password, which was a pain in the ass. Other than that — everything is awesome!

The graphics are mind-blowing. I am playing in 1440p on a high-end 2020-era gaming PC that is used only for gaming, and nothing else is ever installed on it, running Windows 11. I dumped all the unplayed games from the m.2 drive to make room for the gargantuan game, but that's about it for fine-tuning. Once the game was installed and running, I set my view portal to the widest, turned off fall damage, inverted Y-axis, and got to light sabering imperials in the face.

As someone who played through the prior game in the series but did not read any of the books or comics that I assume Star Wars used to bridge the gap, I was surprised at how much I enjoyed seeing the old characters return. This cell of rebels is almost as much fun as the animated series Rebels, and perhaps because you've played through a lot with them, there is an extra force pull on the heartstrings.

Cal Kestis is a far less whiney white dude with superpowers than he was before. Cal is suffering some severe burnout but has BD to keep him going. BD-1 would be my droid of choice, too, even superior to C1-10P or the flagship droid R2-D2. They are just perfect. Cere talks too much for me, but Greez is surprisingly endearing now.

Gameplay is awesome. Navigating the map is far better. Mobility around the map is greatly improved. The points-for-powers system is still a pain to me, but for the price of one point, you can clear the board and take back all the others you've spent, and reshuffle the powers. This seems like a good idea to do once you've got a lot of points up and have figured out what styles of play you like.

The game is fun. If you wait a few weeks, I am sure the issues folks are experiencing will be ironed out. If you wait a few months, you can even save some money. If you want you can likely, already, watch all the cut scenes on YouTube. I won't, I will poke my way through the main game over the next few weeks and the side quests months. The game is so beautiful and packed with fun things to discover. I'm sure I'll play through most of it.

This game is on par with Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic fantastic.