The upcoming Street Fighter movie found its directors

Danny and Michael Philippou will direct the forthcoming Street Fighter movie, reports Comicbook.

Although there have been Street Fighter movies, it has been years since Hollywood has taken a proper crack at the series. With video game movies being the hot new thing in Hollywood after a number of successful adaptations, Capcom and Legendary have teamed up to bring Street Fighter to the big screen. Legendary acquired the film and TV rights to Street Fighter just earlier this month and it seems like they've moved fast to get someone to helm a film based on the series. The Hollywood Reporter has reported that Danny and Michael Philippou, directors of A24's upcoming horror film Talk to Me(which was a critical darling in the festival circuit), are in final talks to direct Street Fighter. Sources say that the duo was able to capitalize on the buzz of their upcoming horror film to secure the job, but it remains to be seen what their vision is for the film. The Hollywood Reporter noted that there is a short list of writers being eyed to pen the script.

Video game movies are about to take over the world. Despite a handful of attempts to capture the magic that video games possess, Hollywood's versions have always fallen short of whatever intellectual property they adapt. However, in the last few years, the proverbial worm has turned, and video game movies have become a massive cash cow. 

The reason modern video game adaptations have begun to pick up steam stems from the creative teams behind the projects choosing to respect the source material. From the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise and The Super Mario Bros. movie from Illumination, the creative teams behind video game adaptations seemingly revere the classic games from which their films originate. Hopefully, the duo can capture the essence of the Street Fighter franchise, which bears very little resemblance to the horror work for which they're renowned.