Tourists in Hawaii drive straight into the ocean after GPS told them to (video)

A couple of tourists were driving on Hawaii's Big Island last weekend, looking for a manta ray tour, when GPS played a dirty trick and led them straight into a harbor.

A bystander, Christie Hutchinson, caught footage of the smiling driver and her sister looking like nothing was wrong as they sat in the sinking, drifting car. Fortunately the good sports were able to climb out of the car door windows, with some help from Hutchinson's husband and a few other men, to safety. (See video below, posted by CBS.)

"I was just sitting there trying to seek shelter from the rain, and then the next thing, I saw a car drive directly past our boat straight into the harbor at a pretty decent speed," Hutchinson told The Washington Post. "It was so confidently done, they didn't have a look of panic on their face. They were still smiling."

And if this seems like a sitcom episode to you, maybe it's because almost the exact same thing happened to Michael Scott and Dwight in the Office when their sly GPS sent them straight into a lake. (Rewatch the scene in bottom video.)