Ozzy Man Reviews the rescue of a poor creature stuck in a hole

Watch this funny Ozzy Man Reviews video, "Stuck AF," which highlights the harrowing rescue of a creature that they're calling a frog (but who actually looks like a toad to me) who got stuck in a hole. The woman filming keeps commenting on how "fat" the frog/toad is, and repeatedly tells the poor thing to "suck it in," which Ozzy Man, taking on the persona of the frog/toad, just runs with:

Here's me commentary as a stuck frog that gets bullied AND saved. Yeah nah, jokes, in all sincerity, top work by the mum and daughter team that freed the cheeky b**tard. Legends! This video is wholesomeness personified. 

Ozzy Man, whose real name is Ethan Marrell, is a comedian based in Australia who is the brainchild behind "Ozzy Man Reviews." According to Perth Now, the character is "a parody of a dinky-di Australian bogan who has a good heart despite his fondness for foul language."