Demon Ship: a solo, micro sci-fi horror game

Years ago I was poking around on Instagram, looking for miniature painting and modeling tutorials, when I stumbled upon a painter named Malev Da Shinobi doing live tutorials — "paint splashin'," as he called it. His work was amazing, the character behind it even more so. As he painted, he sang, he rapped, he talked freestyled smack. And he was good at it. It turns out he's a professional rapper in addition to being a talented painter. Now he's a game designer, too. And if the buzz is any indication, he's as good at that as everything else.

His game, available now for pre-order, is called Demon Ship. It's a cleverly designed solo microgame that you can play everywhere. It was even designed to fit on an airplane seat tray.
In the game:

…you are the survivor, the last remaining crew member on a spaceship caught in an interdimensional portal. Demonic creatures now prowl every corner of the ship, threatening to stop you from escaping, but that's handy for you because you are awesome and those Demons invaded the wrong vessel.

Can you restore power to the ship, engage the emergency protocols(and the self-destruct sequence) and escape before it all goes to hell? Demon Ship is an approachable, fast paced micro game that takes up minimal time and space. Using unique mechanics, basic d6's and a handful of miniatures, this game challenges players to use their wits and a fair bit of luck to blast their way out of the doomed Demon Ship.

One of the other clever things about the game is that you can get the starter game ($40), an MDF terrain kit ($60), or digital STL files for your own 3D printing ($20). As a cool nod to Malev's musical career, the rules are printed as a CD booklet.