Nashville NICU babies dressed up as Taylor Swift

The NICU nurses at Nashville's Ascension Saint Thomas Hospital Midtown, who are big Taylor Swift fans, recently had the idea to dress up the NICU babies as Taylor Swift, with each baby representing a different Taylor Swift album. On their Instagram page, they explain:

Our Ascension Saint Thomas Hospital Midtown NICU Babies are fearless and we are so thrilled they have a place in this world. 

The babies featured in these photos represent each Taylor Swift album: Speak Now, Reputation, Red, 1989, Midnight, Lover, Folklore, Evermore, Fearless, and Debut. The nurses also included the man of the unit, their oldest patient and lover boy to all, Ed Sheeran, Taylor's long-time best bud and collaborator, complete with tattoo sleeves and red hair. 

Thanks to our NICU nurses Olivia Horne and Allison Harris and respiratory therapist Leah Landa, our NICU babies at Ascension Saint Thomas Hospital Midtown are dressed in style, gearing up for the Taylor Swift concert this weekend!

When FoxNashville tweeted about the event, there were some very heated arguments between folks who thought this was dangerous or harmful to the babies, and others who thought it was a sweet way to bring some happiness into an otherwise stressful time in a family's life. I'm grateful that I've never experienced the trauma of having a baby who needed to be in NICU, so I'll just stay in my lane and share without comment.