Read the cease-and-desist demands that Taylor Swift's lawyers sent to the private jet tracker—and his response

Singer-songwriter Taylor Swift, wildly popular though she is, put a ding in her reputation by trying to conceal the use of her private jet. Like Twitter proprietor Elon Musk before her, she threatened a social media account publicizing public information about the movements of private jets—information provided by the government, because air travel would be impossible if we didn't know where the other planes are.

The result was further publicity: the Streisand Effect (previously at Boing Boing), coined for the first celebrity to fall victim to Internet-era delusions about the reliability of legal threats.

And now she must endure the further ignominy of everyone reading her lawyer Katie Morrone's bullying yet vague letters—both embedded below. The best part is Morrone quoting Swift superfans' anguished tweets as, quote, "clear warnings" that Jack Sweeney, operator of the private jet tracker, is obliged to respect.

The reply: "there is nothing unlawful about [the] use of publicly-accessible information to track private jets."