This sheep and duck are obsessed with Taylor Swift

This is one of the cutest things I've seen in a while! Meet Kiki, an adorable ewe who seems to love Taylor Swift!

In this video, you can see Kiki watching a video of Taylor Swift (often at Boing Boing) singing, and Kiki is absolutely enraptured—she just can't get enough! Joining Kiki as a new Swiftie is her friend Petunia the duck, who climbs on top of Kiki's pillow to get a better view. 

Kiki and Petunia are both rescue animals who are being rehabilitated at the "Don't Forget Us…Pet Us" animal sanctuary, which describes its mission on its Facebook page:

Don't Forget Us…Pet Us is a recognized 501c3 in the state of Massachusetts that is run solely by volunteers and funded solely by kind and amazing people like you! 

Don't Forget Us…Pet Us wrote the following commentary on the Taylor Swift video:

Kiki has never been able to walk. Music has always been her lifeline. We ALWAYS make sure she has music. I'm a little old to be a "Swiftie" but I found this on Kiki's smart Tv and decided to play it for her. She was mesmerized , absolutely mesmerized and so taken by Taylor Swifts voice. Anything that makes Kiki so content and happy has my vote! Gosh, even Petunia our non walking duck mustered a few steps to get closer. Can't wait for her eras tour to stream! We got some "Swifties" at the sanctuary for sure!

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Watch the video on Facebook here.