MAGA dopes admit they just don't care if Donald Trump is a p**sy grabber (video)

Donald Trump was found liable for sexual abuse today, but "so what?" says his MAGA mob. Such as the fine gentleman below, who tells Davram of the Good Liars that his siblings no longer speak to him because of his undying devotion to the sexual predator. "It's because of early lies about Trump," he says.

Or maybe the "pussy-grabbing thing" turned them off, Davram suggests. Yeah, the devout Trumper nods, at a loss but thinking Davram is on his side, yeah, but…

The Trumper's flag-waving buddy standing next to him quickly comes to the rescue, defending their loyalty to the brute by uttering the magic MAGA mantra: "America first." The umbrella catchphrase "America first" trumps pussies, and in Trump's tawdry, fascist America, you can grab 'em all you want "when you're a star." See video below.

Front page thumbnail image: Midjourney / Boing Boing