Puppy-killing MAGA princess Kristi Noem costs GOP thousands in cancelled fundraiser

South Dakota's Trump-worshipping governor, Kristi Noem, has angered folks of all political persuasions with her grisly tales of murdering her own pets. And now, the GOP is paying the price — literally.

As reported in Salon, a recent fundraiser hosted by the Jefferson County Republican Party in Colorado had to be scrapped after Noem's admission of killing her 14-month-old puppy Cricket sparked a torrent of angry backlash and threats. Party chair Nancy Pallozzi said,"Numerous threats and/or death threats" poured in over Noem's cold-blooded confession detailed in her new book. "After a conversation with the Governor's office late Wednesday, we mutually decided that safety was the most important concern for everyone involved."

Pallozi is too chicken to offer an opinion on Noem's decision to blast out her dog's brains, but she will meekly admit that it's not helping the party's bottom line. From Salon:

Despite the threats to the Marriott, which received "alarming comments" worth "deep concern over the safety and security for those attending our event, other guests, and their staff," Pallozi confirmed that the local GOP is "not taking a position on the public outcry on the governor's book."

However, she did add that the fundraiser had an adverse effect. "We lost money in this," Pallozzi told NBC News. "This was meant to be a fundraiser, but now we've lost thousands of dollars."

Maybe next time pick a speaker who doesn't gleefully describe butchering an innocent wirehaired pointer pup for not being an obedient hunting companion, and slaughtering a "mean" and "smelly" goat, too.

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