Police impersonator jailed for rape

A Florida man convicted of impersonating a police officer and raping a woman after an illegal traffic stop is off to jail on a life sentence. Justin Evans, 36, used his disguise for two years, and in the 2021 incident displayed fake police lights and a fake badge to intimidate his victim into leaving her vehicle and entering his.

"He told me I was under arrest because he found marijuana in the car," the witness stated. "He made me lay on my back, and he put his mouth everywhere."

Despite the circumstances of the illegal stop and arrest, the evidence of his fake cop kit, and Evans' efforts to evade arrest, his victim was treated skeptically.

Bolstering the case against him was the testimony from a second woman who came forward after reading about the attack. It turned out, she too was pulled over and patted down by Evans while her 7-year-old child sat in her car. Evans let her go, but the incident was caught on surveillance video.

The other charges he faced were dropped after his sentencing; in Florida, which does not have parole, life sentences amount to 40 years inside with no less than 85% served.

Evans in a Florida Dept. of Corrections mugshot.