White supremacists march in their khakis

Members of the so-called Patriot Front, a white supremacist group, marched in D.C. over the weekend in the khakis-and-polos uniform of the modern far right.

"Patriot Front is an image-obsessed organisation that rehabilitated the explicitly fascist agenda of Vanguard America with garish patriotism," the SPLC has said of the group, adding that it "focuses on theatrical rhetoric and activism that can be easily distributed as propaganda for its chapters across the country".

The Anti-Defamation League describes the group as specialising in vandalism, racist propaganda and "flash demonstrations" meant to intimidate marginalised communities.

For some reason the twittering MAGA nuts hate these guys. There's something fundamentally irritating about them beyond the general racist nastiness of it, and their immediate adjacency to the memelords means their gears grind hardest. It's the squareness, the "Best Buy picket line" look, the ridiculous signaling of normality. Premium mediocre Nazis.

More video here.