Woman busted with 1,500 grams of cocaine hiding behind her fake pregnancy belly

A woman in North Carolina was pregnant not with a boy, nor with a girl, but with more than 1,500 grams of cocaine — which allegedly fell out of her fake rubber belly when she tried running from the cops. The coke had been attached to the back of the "stomach" with some tape — but not enough, apparently.

Her bungled trafficking gig began to unravel when she and her partner were driving and got pulled over by police. It was just a traffic stop, but officers became suspicious when the couple gave different answers about the "baby."

"The first red flag began when the two gave conflicting information about her "due date," said the Anderson County Sheriff's Office on Facebook. The second red flag came when the flustered woman, Cemeka Mitchem, suddenly bolted from the car and "very quickly drugs fell from the fake rubber stomach."

Both Mitchem and her partner, Anthony Miller, face charges of trafficking cocaine.