Elizabeth Holmes loses bid to avoid prison and ordered to pay $425 million to her fraud victims

In a stunning blow for con artist Elizabeth Holmes, the infamous founder of the collapsed health-tech firm Theranos, a court denied her request for freedom pending an appeal on her conviction. This came just two days before the commencement of her 11-year prison sentence. Even a nauseatingly pandering profile in The New York Times wasn't able to stop the gears of justice from dealing with the college dropout who lacked medical training.

Not only that, Holmes and her ex-lover/business associate, Ramesh "Sunny" Balwani, are now on the hook for a staggering $452 million in restitution to the victims of their deceptive ploy.

According to the ninth US circuit court of appeals, there's no playing hooky for Holmes. No more lavish San Diego living, no more stalling. Now, Holmes, 39, is set to leave her current home and swap her designer attire for a prison jumpsuit.

The upcoming separation from her partner, William "Billy" Evans, and their two young children, William and Invicta, adds an emotional layer to this already grim tale. Notably, Holmes's second pregnancy coincided with her conviction in January 2022 on four counts of fraud and conspiracy. The Latin meaning of her daughter's name, "invincible" or "undefeated," couldn't be more ironic.

Holmes still doesn't know her potential prison destination. The judge recommended a women's prison in Bryan, Texas for the fallen tech wunderkind. However, the federal Bureau of Prisons hasn't yet disclosed whether they've accepted this recommendation or have another facility in mind for Holmes.