SUV barrels through doggie day care, demolishing everything in its path (video)

It started off as a calm, sunny day at Sniffer's Doggie Depot in Montgomery County, Maryland, until a car barreled through the glass entrance and completely demolished everything in its path.

Incredible footage caught on the company's security camera shows a pet owner walking up to the counter, ready to pick up her dog, according to WUSA9, when a silver SUV — which, as you can see below, had just pulled up and stopped in front of the entrance — suddenly accelerated, crashing into the lobby, flattening part of the reception counter, busting through a wall, and ramming into some cages before it finally lost steam and came to a stop. Miraculously, none of the employees or pets were hurt.

According to one of the Depot's owners via Newsweek, the SUV driver was there to pick up their pup, but it's unclear what caused the car to lose control. (See video below, posted by Philip Lewis.)

Front page thumbnail image: Alexey Rotanov /