This 1929 drawing of Piccadilly Circus underground station is a thing of beauty

This 1929 drawing of the Piccadilly Circus Underground Station, by Italian engineer, architect, and designer Renzo Picasso (1880-1975), is a thing of beauty. The image is from the Renzo Picasso ArchivesStrange Maps describes it:

Two Tube lines crossing at Piccadilly Circus, as seen from below ground – with buses floating on the invisible surface. The place looks like a spaceship. Drawing from 1929 by the Italian architect Renzo Picasso (no relation). 

The Renzo Picasso Archives website provides information about the artist:

Renzo Picasso (1880-1975) was an Italian engineer, architect and designer. Born in Genoa into a family of builders and designers, in the early twentieth century he visited the United States several times, remaining deeply impressed by the technical innovations which, in those years, were radically transforming the face of American cities. Enthusiastic, he created projects, drawings and comparative tables of the most fascinating aspects of what he had been able to study and admire: from traffic lights to skyscrapers, from subways to large-scale urban plans.

And happy belated birthday (May 12, 1875) to English architect Charles Holden, who designed the Piccadilly Circus Underground Station, along with many other London Underground stations, from the 1920s to the 1940s.