Wil Wheaton crushes Ken Jennings for crossing the WGA picket line

The fantastic Wil Wheaton used social media to make sure Ken Jennings, and the world, know exactly how he felt about Ken Jenning's crossing a picket line. Wheaton has been outspoken about many vital issues and stepped right up to the plate when he heard Jennings was continuing work on Jeopardy.

The WGA has seen stellar support from actors and other unions in its stand for more fair pay and practices in a changing industry.


In case Wheaton's thoughts weren't clear enough already, he continued to add musings in his own comments section, writing, "Hey y'all, if you're here to sht on unions, you can f*k right off. I've been a union man since I was a union boy, and I will be a union man until the day I die."

The proclamation went on to say, "If you're here to sht on the workers of the world, or to make excuses for someone who is currently doing that, go f*k yourself and don't come back." The statements were met with some questioning comments and Wheaton wasn't shy about answering the fans who stumbled into his comments section.

When one fan asked about whether or not the season of Jeopardy! has been completed, and if so, would that make a difference in his stance surrounding the situation? Wheaton responded, "It's like this: did you cross a picket line? If yes, you are a scab who turned your back on organized labor. If no, you're a decent person who stands with your fellow workers."