D.C. police lieutenant charged with leaking law enforcement information to Proud Boys

Lieutenant Shane Lamond, 47, of the Columbia Metropolitan Police Department in Washington, D.C., was charged with obstruction of justice and three counts of false statements over law enforcement information leaked to the Proud Boys. Lamond, say prosecutors, was in regular contact with the far-right gang's then-leader Henry Tarrio, kept him up to speed on investigations, and warned him when a warrant was issued for his arrest. Tarrio, among other gang members, was convicted earlier this month of seditious conspiracy.

From the Department of Justice's press release:

According to the indictment, Lamond worked as the supervisor of the Intelligence Branch of MPD's Homeland Security Bureau.  Beginning in July 2019 and continuing to at least January 2021, Lamond and Tarrio were in regular contact regarding Proud Boys planned activities in the District of Columbia. The indictment alleges that, as early as at least July 2020, Lamond began using Telegram to provide information to Tarrio about law enforcement activity relating to Proud Boys' activities in Washington, D.C. 

            For instance, the indictment alleges that beginning on December 18, 2020, Lamond gave Tarrio confidential law enforcement information into the investigation of the December 12, 2020 burning of a banner that read "#BLACKLIVESMATTER."  As set forth in the indictment, Tarrio would then pass this information along to other Proud Boys members and take action based on the sensitive information. On or about January 4, 2021, following the issuance of an arrest warrant for Tarrio in connection with the burning of the BLM banner, while Tarrio was on a flight from Miami, Florida to Arlington, Virginia, Lamond, using Telegram, sent Tarrio a notification that a warrant had been signed for his arrest in the District of Columbia. After arriving in Arlington, Virginia and driving in to the District of Columbia, Tarrio was arrested on the warrant and subsequently pleaded guilty to one count of destruction of property in connection with the burning of the banner.

            As the indictment alleges, on June 2, 2021, during an interview with federal law enforcement, Lamond made false and misleading statements regarding his communications and contacts with Tarrio.  These false and misleading statements related to: (1) the methods by which Lamond and Tarrio would communicate; (2) whether Lamond had provided Tarrio with sensitive law enforcement information; (3) whether Lamond had notified Tarrio about the status of the MPD investigation into the banner burning; (4) whether Lamond notified Tarrio about his pending arrest warrant; and (5) the content and extent of Lamond's discussion with Tarrio prior to and after January 6.

Just imagine how brazen this guy had to be for other cops to feel they had to do something about it.