Watch spectacular musicians Andrew Bird and Jonathan Richman perform together in Bird's living room

If you need some joy in your life, watch this one-hour set featuring two musicians—Andrew Bird and Jonathan Richman. I've been a big fan of Richman since high school, and then discovered Bird about 20 years ago. They are both terrific artists who bring unique approaches to music and showmanship. 

This performance, which was filmed in September, 2017, is part of Andrew Bird's "Live From the Great Room" series, where musicians join Bird in his living room to play and discuss music. They play both Richman's/The Modern Lovers and Bird's music, as well as a song by French composer Maurice Ravel. Between songs they discuss classical music, philosophy, humor, and their mutual admiration for each other. They both have a depth of knowledge of music that's impressive—their brilliant brains are truly are on some other kind of level. Bird's curiosity and Richman's enthusiasm are both infectious. They are absolutely delightful together.

Here's the full track list: 

"The Fenway" – Richman 

"Pavane pour une infante défunte" – Maurice Ravel

"Jab Haretha Ni Nahin" – Richman, based on the work of Indian poet Kabir

"Hospital" –  Richman 

"Pianoforte' e' Notte" – Richman, based on the work of Italian poet Salvatore Di Giacomo 

"Old World" – Richman

"Danse Caribe" – Bird 

"I Found A Love" – Richman

They are both also terrific live—if you've never seen them, now's your chance. Jonathan Richman will be touring in June and July, and Andrew Bird in July, August, and September.

Here's another link for the set–this one was posted on Facebook and you can watch it without ads.