Arizona telco sued over the billions of scam calls it puts through

There's a lot of discussion about robocalls and scam scalls in general and the technical difficulties supposedly involved in managing them. I figure the calls continue because the telcos don't want to lose the money. They won't stop the calls unless they are forced to. So a bipartisan group of Attorney Generals from U.S. states is suing one particularly egregious telco on behalf of the millions of Americans annoyed by the billions of illegal calls it put though.

"Every day, countless Arizona consumers are harassed and annoyed by a relentless barrage of unwanted robocalls — and in some instances these illegal calls threaten consumers with lawsuits and arrest," [Arizona Attorney General Kris] Mayes said in a statement. "More disturbingly, many of these calls are scams designed to pressure frightened consumers, often senior citizens, into handing over their hard-earned money."

… "Americans are sick and tired of their phones ringing off the hook with fraudulent robocalls," New York Attorney General Letitia James said in a statement. "Seniors and vulnerable consumers have been scammed out of millions because of these illegal robocalls."

The target, Avid Telecom, "used spoofed or invalid caller ID numbers, including more than 8.4 million calls that appeared to be coming from government and law enforcement agencies as well as private companies."

I'm on the verge of switching my phone's SIM into one of those iPad Mini contraptions. My phone life is 99% robocalls, scammers and menacing pre-recorded missives from the the Chinese government.