Netflix drops the first trailer for Skull Island

Get ready to return to King Kong's homeland with the first trailer for Netflix's Skull Island

Who would've thought the King Kong franchise would have this much juice left in its system? Sure, on one level, were still in the intellectual property apocalypse- where any IP that's ever mildly entertained more than 12 people at once is subject to endless reboots and revivals- but the fact that King Kong is still a cultural force this many years since the original film is shocking. 

After the success of Kong: Skull Island and Godzilla vs. Kong, there will likely be at least one King Kong or Godzilla project on television or the big screen every five years. For example, take the trailer for the Skull Island animated series linked above. All snark aside, the trailer does look wonderfully entertaining and the perfect successor to the seemingly forgotten Godzilla animated series from 1998.