Photoshop's built-in AI is incredible

This morning I downloaded the beta of Photoshop with its new generative AI capabilities, and I'm impressed. You can select areas of an image, add a text description, and it will fill it in with what you asked for.

Here's a photo I took on the island of Madeira last year:

First, I used the lasso took to draw around the white sky, and asked Photoshop for a "blue sky with fluffy clouds behind a rocky hill." It generated three results, and this is the one I used:

Next, I drew the lasso around the concrete stuff in the lower right and clicked "Generate" without adding a text description. It replaced the concrete with grass and rocks:

Finally, I drew a lasso around the lower right corner again and typed "capybara." Here's what it generated:

The resulting image isn't perfect, and has a collage feel, but I'm still blown away. Imagine what this tool will be able to do a year from now.

Just for fun, I added a few more elements: