Oath Keeper Jessica Watkins off to prison for 8.5 years

After the 18-year and 12-year sentences awarded to Oath Keeper founder Stewart Rhodes and fellow follower Kelly Miggs yesterday, Jessica Watkins likely knew she was in for a long stay when she headed into court today. She received an 8.5-year sentence for her part in the seditious shenanigans at the Jan. 6 sacking of Capitol Hill.

Judge Amit Mehta said Watkins' efforts at the Capitol were "aggressive" and said she did not have immediate remorse, even though she has since apologized. "Your role that day was more aggressive, more assaultive, more purposeful than perhaps others'. And you led others to fulfill your purposes," Mehta said. "And there was not in the immediate aftermath any sense of shame or contrition, just the opposite. Your comments were celebratory and lacked a real sense of the gravity of that day and your role in it."

The "find out" stage, etc.