Quentin Tarantino might migrate to television once he reaches his self-imposed ten-film limit

According to Comic Book Resources, legendary auteur Quentin Tarantino is apparently mulling a move to television after his final film, The Movie Critic, hits theaters.

No one is really sure why, but Quentin Tarantino has decided that ten is enough. Since the advent of the digital age in mainstream filmmaking, Tarantino has been vocal about his distaste for the medium's current direction. Famously, during a director's roundtable with The Hollywood Reporter, Tarantino went on a quick rant about how going to the movie theater has become indistinguishable from watching TV in public thanks to the use of digital cameras.

For context, the aforementioned interview is from 2016, and since that period, the use of digital cameras in studio projects has shot through the roof. As a result, although there is presumably a myriad of factors influencing his decision, Tarantino has given his film career an expiry date. Or rather, he's given himself a self-imposed ten-movie film limit. 

However, in a new interview, Tarantino discusses that a transition into television is out of the cards, as he views the medium as the perfect fit for screenwriters. 

"I could do a TV show," Tarantino told Deadline after confirming that his next movie will be his last. "I didn't say I'm going to go into the night darkly, all right? I could do a TV show. I could do a short film. I could do a play. All kinds of things I could do, but I'll probably just be more of a writer."