Who is behind the "No Labels" political action committee bankrolling Kirsten Sinema?

A More Perfect Union, "Media that builds power for working people," released this video, narrated by Andrew Rivera, investigating the people and organizations behind the Super-PAC No Labels. Arizona Senator Kirsten Sinema is one of the primary recipients to benefit from these fundraising efforts. In December 2022, Sinema announced leaving the Democratic party to run as an Independent. No Labels, "a guilded cabal of dark money," appears to be her sugar-PAC even as polls indicate her bid would be a non-entity.

"A group calling themselves "No Labels" has suddenly emerged as a huge financial backer of Kyrsten Sinema. They're also floating the idea of running Joe Manchin for President. We dug into them and found a whole lot of billionaires with a history of opposing democracy."

No Labels is not a new organization. Founded in 2009, "No Labels has worked tirelessly to give a voice to America's commonsense majority. We've made a notable impact in Congress by creating the bipartisan House Problem Solvers Caucus and connecting them with an allied Senate group through regular bicameral meetings." Innocuous enough if you believe that elites have any other interest in mind except reproducing the conditions of their success and dominance.

According to Rivera, the money trail of No Labels runs from "Aspen to luxury resorts, jaunts to Europe, and undisclosed locations in Washington, D.C., to discover a deeper story of who is really behind No Labels and what is in it for them." The villainous characters involved include owners of the private equity firms like Stephen Schwarzman of Blackstone, Louis Bacon of Moore Capital Management, Trump backer Nelson Peltz of Trian Partners, and James Rupert Murdoch, heir to the FOX fortune. Other No Labels contributors include the Consumer Technology Association, Chambers of Commerce, Nazi-memorabilia hoarder Harlon Crow, and Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas's GOP sugar daddy.

When Sinema was first elected to Congress in 2012, she was available to constituents at open town hall-type meetings. Now, it seems the entry fee to talk to this elected public official is in the millions as she has broken up with the constituencies that put her in office in the first place.

"If Sinema plays spoiler for Democrats, handing the race and maybe the Senate to Republicans, it would guarantee that their tax breaks continue. Considering their net worth, cutting some checks to Kirsten Sinema is probably the safest bet in D.C."

The remainder of the video explores Sinema's recent voting record and how it dovetails with the interest of billionaires and their ilk, i.e., people who aspire to be wealthy. That is the rub of capitalism: you do not have to be rich to believe in and support policies and ideologies that reinforce the class position of elites, a desire groomed by the bootstrap narrative of meritocratic order and effort – you know, the Little Engine that Could – trickle down on others.

CA Knowledge recently reported Senator Sinema's worth is $11 million, while Newsweek has debunked that claim. Power is not only money. According to the New York Times, Sinema is a party of one.