A 'Matilda' musical number set to Rob Zombie

A bunch of kids in school uniforms dancing to Rob Zombie shouldn't work but somehow does. Of course, the kids weren't originally choreographed to dance to his 1998 "Dragula." No, no. This is an inspired mashup by YouTuber That Costumed Guy.

As you'll see, the scene is perfect for the song. It's a clip from Matilda the Musical, a 2022 Netflix film, that shows the students rebelling against their cruel headmaster. The original song for this musical number, called "Revolting Children," was choreographed by Ellen Kane.

She told Variety, "It's about revolution and kids finding their voice. It's about empowerment; essentially smashing down what was in order to create what will be." (via childrenofthenight9)

Here's the original for comparison: