The Real Truther fact checks and debunks anti-vaxx misinformation and disinformation

In an era where medical misinformation and disinformation—especially anti-vaxx ideologies—abound and are expected by some experts to just get worse, it's great that folks like The Real Truther are trying their best to battle the lies. 

Their latest video takes on MAGA wellness influencer and anti-vaxxer Brittney Kara's awful attempt at using "science" to explain why she believes vaccines cause autism (and let me be clear, they do NOT—the original study by Andrew Wakefield that claimed to find a causal connection has been thoroughly debunked).

The Real Truther also recently created this excellent line-by-line fact check of Robert Kennedy Jr. spouting lies about vaccines on Fox News. Notorious anti-vaxxer Kennedy launched his campaign for the 2024 U.S. Presidency in April—running as a Democrat, he is challenging incumbent Joe Biden, and he's actually polling higher than many had expected. Regarding the Robert Kennedy, Jr. debunking, The Real Truther wrote:

Presidential candidate @RobertKennedyJr recently went on television & made claims about the Covid vaccine. Watch as I fact-check each one with evidence! Was he being honest? You decide.

Spoiler alert: He was not being honest! Thanks, The Real Truther, for your work – can't wait to share more!