An angry Ron DeSantis launches campaign by snapping after stump speech: "Are you blind?" (video)

Ron DeSantis has already snapped, and his presidential campaign has only just begun.

While the uptight governor posed with a forced smile after a stump speech today, an AP reporter simply asked why he didn't take questions from voters. And this, for some reason, set DeSantis off, whose so-called smile instantly dropped. "Are you blind?" Desantis snarled, licking his lips. "Are you BLIND?" he repeated. (See video below, posted by Jonathan Allen.)

"People are coming up to me, talking to me whatever they want to talk to me about," he said in a rapid, clipped manner. Rather than seem excited at his first campaign event in New Hampshire, he seemed like an over-wound machine about to pop a spring.

According to NBC, DeSantis "did not answer questions from his lectern so that voters could all hear his answers at once," but instead only spoke — and lashed out at, apparently— to individuals after his talk. Looks like the Florida fascist is off to an amusing start.

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