Get a wireless charging station for less than $50 this Father's Day

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TL;DR: Give your dad a gift he can actually this Father's Day when you get him the ChargeUp 6-in-1 Wireless Charging Station with Watch Charger, a device that will power up basically any mobile device — and can even charge six at once. Through June 11, it's on sale for only $49.97.

It's so hard to get a dad the perfect gift. What really shows your love and appreciation? Often, the best bet is to go practical and get him something he'll use every day — like a wireless charger for all his many mobile devices.

Right now through June 11, the ChargeUp 6-in-1 Wireless Charging Station with Watch Charger, typically retailing for $99, is on sale for only $49.97. That's a whopping 75% off, no coupons needed! Best of all, if you order by June 5, it's guaranteed to arrive before the holiday, so you can rest easy knowing you'll have an excellent present in hand come Father's Day.

The ChargeUp 6-in-1 Wireless Charging Station is unlike any other charging device. First off, you can use it to power up all kinds of mobile devices, since it has an interface that connects with iPhones, iPads, and Samsung devices, plus a wireless charging surface for Apple Watches, and AirPods — you name it, it can likely charge it. You can even charge up to six devices at once,  no more waiting around for each device to power up.

Another plus? There are safety controls in place to prevent overcharging, a common tech issue that will destroy your device's batteries over time, The New York Times reports. If you want to preserve your battery life, this is where you'll want to charge your device.

Make your dad's life simpler and easier this Father's Day and get him the ChargeUp 6-in-1 Wireless Charging Station with Watch Charger. But make sure to hurry: It's only on sale for $49.97 until June 11.

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