Sen. Mitch McConnell has no clue about AI in awkward interview (video)

Even out-of-touch Senators should know by now what AI is, and how they feel about it, but the concept was entirely lost on a dazed and confused Mitch McConnell.

In fact, the Senate Minority Leader stared in uptight silence, looking like a Senator caught in headlights, as he was asked, "What are your concerns as they relate to AI?"

It then took four variants of the question, and with each attempt the Kentucky lawmaker used a tried-and-true stall tactic such as "Repeat that again," and "What is my concern about —" And, when someone filled in the blank and loudly whispered to him, "artificial intelligence," he again asked, "About what?"

He finally got it together enough to answer with a stock GOP response: "The issue is, what, if any uh, role does the government have to play here?" Too bad he didn't have ChatGPT around to help him sound coherent. (See video below, posted by The Recount.)

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