Tucker Carlson's Twitter show opens with an anti-Semitic fanfare

Loath as I am to give the vile Tucker Carlson even scintilla of extra attention, it's pretty important that the Right's darling pundit opened up his new show on Twitter with rank anti-Semitism.

In a lengthy defense of his hero Vladimir Putin, he called the Jewish president of Ukraine "sweaty and rat-like, … a persecutor of Christians, a friend of Blackrock."

When Tucker Carlson and Twitter team up, how can the result be anything else?

I'm compelled to provide a link here, but I certainly don't recommend you watch the video. Just know that it starts with reprehensible cheerleading for Russia, and ends with a litany of conspiracy theories, like: We don't know what happened on 9/11; nor what happened to JFK; and UFOs are real — aliens are flying aircraft over our cities, but the media won't tell you because it only wants you to think about racism.