Pickle pizza being tested at a sole Pizza Hut in NYC

Pizza Hut is experimenting with a Pickle Pizza, capitalizing on the "recent resurgence of pickles." This limited-time creation combines Buttermilk Ranch dressing as its sauce, cheese, chicken with Nashville Hot Seasoning, white onions, and, of course, a layer of spicy dill pickles, all drizzled with even more ranch dressing.

If you're a pickle lover, don't get too excited just yet. This isn't a national launch. Inexplicably, this pizza will be tested exclusively at one solitary Pizza Hut location in New York City, and only from June 9th to 11th. It will be available for $17.99, while supplies last, at the 932 8th Avenue location.

From the press release:

Pickles have taken social media by storm, with creators showcasing different ways to incorporate pickles into recipes on TikTok. Pizza Hut's introduction of the Pickle Pizza demonstrates its commitment to embracing evolving tastebuds.

The Takeout reports on the trend and shares that, "Pizza Hut open to expanding the availability of the Pickle Pizza if the demand is there." [ via Neatorama]