Ten year old girl rescued after more than 24 hours alone in wilderness

Shunghla Mashwani was with her family in the Cascade mountains region of Washington State when she got separated from them around noon on Sunday. Rescuers recovered her at about 3pm on Monday in good health. Link to the CNN article here.

"I was trying to go to sleep in the night and then wake up early in the morning, and then I'll find my dad and mom in the forest," Shunghla told CNN affiliate KING of her night in the wilderness.

"She hiked downstream through the dense forest and spent the cold night between some trees. She said she knew it was the right thing to follow the river. She proved an extraordinarily resourceful and resilient 10-year-old," the sheriff's office said.

Shunghla and her family arrived in the United States from Afghanistan two years ago.