Gear up for summer this bundle of two camera drones for less than $150

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TL;DR: Flying camera drones allow you to take awesome aerial photos and videos from above. Right now, you can go in with a friend and get two awesome drones, the Ninja Dragon Phantom K PRO + Free Blade X Pro, for less than $150 together. 

This summer is going to be your best, most adventurous one ever – and everyone's going to know about it. Why? Because you'll be sharing all your adventures in the form of incredible aerial photography, thanks to your very own 4K drone. Excitingly, right now you can grab not one but two drones with the Ninja Dragon Phantom K Pro + Free Blade X Pro bundle, usually $369, on sale for just $149.99. Team up with a friend and that's less than $75 each, so you'll both have one to play with. 

First, the Ninja Dragon Phantom K PRO comes with a 4K HD camera, so you can capture stunning photos and videos from above in beautiful high resolution. It also comes with cool gesture recognition features, so you can take those awesome photos just by doing hand gestures. Who knew being a drone photographer was so easy? 

Those easy controls extend even further to flying this smart gadget, too, with one key return button that enables your drone easily find its way back to you at the push of a button, and a flight path option, which means you can set the drone to fly autonomously along a specified route. 

Then, in this two-pack, you'll also get the Blade X PRO drone, which also comes equipped with a 4K, HD camera. This nifty drone also boasts a 3-sided obstacle avoidance system – which essentially scans all the obstacles nearby and avoids them without you having to think about it, and has a remote control distance of up to 490ft, allowing you to fly it with ease, even from far away. 

Take the coolest photos ever this summer with the Ninja Dragon Phantom K PRO + Free Blade X Pro bundle, just $149.99 right now (regular price $369). 

Prices subject to change.