"Twitchy" inmate Elizabeth Holmes spends visitation with husband and parents crying

Inmate 24965-111, also known as Elizabeth Holmes, received her first visit from her husband and parents on Saturday at Bryan Federal Prison Camp in Texas. With an 11-year sentence ahead of her, the fraudster can look forward to 571 more weekly visits. According to The Daily Mail, Holmes spent much of the day crying.

True to her rule-breaking form, Holmes was spotted clinging to her husband Billy Evans' finger, which is in violation of prison protocol. Inmates and visitors are allowed only "a brief kiss, embrace or handshake is allowed upon arrival and departure." Breaking the rule could result in Holme's losing her visitation privileges.

Holmes and her visitors dined on Honeybuns and cinnamon rolls purchased from a vending machine, which they washed down with bottled water and orange soda.

From Marin Independent Journal:

Sources told the Daily Mail that Holmes was currently in isolation as part of the admissions process and appeared to be "twitchy" — looking warily around as she became accustomed to her stark new surroundings.