A cornered Lindsey Graham tries to defend Trump but goes haywire instead (video)

The tragic deterioration of Senator Lindsey Graham was on full display yesterday on ABC News with George Stephanopoulos as he panted, sputtered, squirmed and — just moments into his interview — blew up with a guttural snarl. The jittery lawmaker did his best to defend the twice-convicted Donald Trump but instead only highlighted his own misfortune after mysterious reasons forced the former anti-Trumper to become Trump's biggest fan.

When asked at the start of the interview if Lindsey believed Trump, who claims he did nothing wrong when he stole classified documents, Graham first tried to dodge the question by pivoting to Hillary Clinton, but when Stephanopoulos interrupted and asked Graham to stay on track, he broke his composure. "No, let me finish!" he growled as if suddenly possessed.

"I'm trying to answer the question from a Republican point of view!" he said, implicitly explaining that skirting questions and blaming anything that goes wrong on Hillary Clinton is how it's done in the GOP.

The interview only continued to roll downhill, as seen in the three short clips below (posted by Aaron Rupar). Watch and then compare to the bottom post, where the doomed Graham once told Trump to go to hell.