CA Gov. Newsom's appeal to humanity is wasted on Sean Hannity

California Governor Gavin Newsom went on Fox to have Sean Hannity talk at him. Newsom has a lot of important things to say about how we treat people in the United States and has witnessed the weird human trafficking game Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has been playing. Hannity is having none of it, however, and plays the same old game of talking over Newsom every time the Governor says something he doesn't like.

That means Hannity is almost always talking.

People are being used as pawns in this game. DeSantis and Texas' Greg Abbott are taking brave and likely scared folks who have come to this great melting pot of The United States hoping for a better future, believing the promise that here is a better way, and abusing them.

Crooks and Liars:

"Come on. I read the waiver. They showed me the waiver, I couldn't understand it, and I have a decent education," the governor said.

"They're human beings. They were kids, children. Why do you use people as pawns? What faith tradition teaches you to treat people like this, to belittle them?"

Newsom said he sat down with the migrants and talked to every one of them.

"They were lied to, misled. They were told they had jobs, court dates. They were dropped off, knocked on the door and left. What kind of faith tradition teaches that? They were lied to and told, 'You're being taken care of.' "

Featured Image: YouTube/Screen Grab