Check out this brilliant Super Mario-themed photographic art

I'm fascinated by the work of artist Vanessa Rivera, also known as "AIVAX," who states on her Instagram that she makes "storybook art with" and "magical photos of" her children. She takes photographs of her family and then enhances the images with digital drawing, creating colorful, whimsical, fantastical scenes. Here's one of her latest Super Mario-themed pieces. She describes it:

40 hours of editing on photoshop (I added a few things since the reel), 677 layers, 7.80 gigs, 2 hours of prop making and 2 photoshoots later and this is what the boys and I created together! Needless to say they've been watching the movie on repeat and we all have "peaches peaches peaches" stuck in our head. Although they had fun with this one, they said our next Super Mario photo we're working on is officially their favorite photo project ever!

She also posts helpful tutorials. Here's her latest tutorial, which demonstrates how she created hat Super Mario piranha flower. She explains:

I had so much fun drawing this, but it was super hard figuring out how I wanted it to look. I wanted it to look realistic, but not too scary but not too cartoony but also funny. The boys loved how it came out though, and I guess that's all that matters, right