Listen to this blistering version of Secret Agent Man, played by Luna Lee on the gayageum

Listen to this absolutely kick-ass version of "Secret Agent Man"—the famous surf-rock song written by P.F. Sloan and Steve Barri and made famous by Johnny Rivers—by the brilliant gayageum musician Luna Lee, who describes herself on her YouTube channel as "Cross Cultural Musician based in TX USA, Bridging East and West." 

Lee really nails this performance—as she puts her own twist on the song and even accompanies herself with some great filming and editing work. Take a listen, and then check out the rest of her work.

If you're not familiar with the gayageum, here's a brief primer from Peter Kun Frary and Seil Pak Frary of Frary Guitar:

The gayageum (가야금), sometimes romanized as kayagum and kayageum, is a plucked chordophone belonging to the zither family. It features a flat wooden sound box with multiple strings stretched across it, is placed horizontally on the floor or on a stand, and is played with the fingers. The gayageum is central to traditional Korean music, occupying a position similar to the piano or guitar in Western culture.