A 1920s time capsule, full of historical goodies, was found after slave owner's statue removed

As the statue of Maj. Gen. Philip Schuyler, a known slave owner and politician, was being removed from outside Albany City Hall, city workers found a time capsule from circa 1925 concealed in its base. The copper-colored box matched descriptions from news articles dating back to the statue's initial installation. Inside were a treasure trove of city memorabilia such as maps, photographs, and coins.

An April Times Union story noted the 9-foot tall bronze depiction of the politician, Revolutionary War general, enslaver and father-in-law of Alexander Hamilton may have maps, photographs, coins and other memorabilia of the city encased in a time capsule dating back to the unveiling, which was attended by thousands. Thousands more lined the parade route preceding the June event, according to the Times Union archive.

While the exterior of the capsule was damaged, the preserved contents unveiled a snapshot of the past. Among the retrieved items were an 1876 atlas, a book detailing the city's history, and a list of other contents, remarkably well-preserved. These artifacts are set to be reviewed alongside a representative from the Albany Institute of History and Art to decide their future. The discovery of the time capsule reinforced Mayor Kathy Sheehan's belief that the statue's original installers didn't envision it as a permanent city fixture.


This just in: a 100-year-old time capsule has been uncovered from beneath the Philip Schuyler statue in Albany. The time capsule contains letters from Schuyler's descendants, maps of Albany, medallions & much more.

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What's inside the time capsule underneath the Philip Schuyler statue in Albany 👀 more to come

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