Christian Conservatives kill the 666 bus that goes to Hel in Poland

Conservative downers strike again! This time in Warsaw, Poland, where the 666 bus goes — er, used to go — to Hel for a pitstop.

What started off as a joke in 2006 turned into a red-hot tourist attraction, where people would come from all over to ride the bus, "simply to say they had taken the 666 bus to Hel," reports HuffPost.

But after bedeviled protestors drew their pitchforks, demanding that the damned number be changed, the local bus company finally complied. You can now catch the 669 to go to Hel.

From HuffPost:

The local news portal said that the line operated under the number 666 since 2006, first as a local joke before attracting riders from across Poland and beyond. …

Fronda, a Catholic publication, has for years called for the 666 bus to be renamed, arguing that it had Satanic overtones and that "to present the reality of eternal damnation as amusing in any way is just plain stupidity."

It lamented that fact that many Polish journalists, even Catholic ones, took pleasure in the joke.