Ron DeSantis poses as Christian but scrambled to find Amazon bible for photo op

In his desperate grab for power, Gov. Ron DeSantis has disguised himself as a devout religious man, even quoting bible verses such as, "Our household is a Christ-centered household," as he said on CBN. But when the Florida phony was sworn into office, he did not have a bible in his Christ-centered household to pose with.

So rather than just getting sworn in with something that did have meaning, like, say, the Constitution, his staffers, according to NBC News, scrambled to find a bible on Amazon that could be rushed for the photo op. And phew, not only did they find one, but they scored a bargain bible for only 21 bucks.

From NBC News:

On Jan. 8, 2019, DeSantis stood onstage at Florida's historic Capitol next to his wife, Casey, who had in her hand a King James Bible.

He was set to officially become Florida's 46th governor.

Many elected officials choose to be sworn into office on a religious text with some sort of personal meaning. But for DeSantis, this moment was preceded by scrambling by campaign and inauguration staffers caught off-guard when DeSantis, who is Catholic, told them his family did not own a Bible and he did not care whether he used one with historical significance, five former aides said.

Each of the four other people sworn into office that day — Florida's three Cabinet members and Lt. Gov. Jeanette Nuñez — had religious texts that had personal significance, inauguration records show. 

Staff members for DeSantis had to buy a Bible for $21.74 on Amazon and have it shipped to the Republican Party of Florida headquarters less than a week before his inauguration, according to a receipt of the transaction shared with NBC News.

When NBC News reached out to the well-heeled MAGA man, DeSantis reacted with words he always uses with faced with an uncomfortable truth, calling the article "a pathetic lie." But the proof is in the pudding — or in the book receipt that was shared with NBC by his former staffers.