Get a charger that powers up devices 80% faster for only $21.99

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TL;DR: Once you've seen how quickly fast-charging power cords work, it's impossible to imagine going back. It doesn't have to be a pricey purchase, either, as the Braided MFI Certified USB-C to Lightning Cable 2M, typically retailing for $27, is now on sale for just $21.99.

It seems like we're glued to our phones all day, for both work and pleasure. That means our phones rarely last a full day, and we need to regularly charge them, a task that can be time-consuming and annoying. However, fast-charging cables have made it an altogether different experience — and it doesn't have to be a splurge to get one.

The Braided MFI Certified USB-C to Lightning Cable 2M is one of the best charging options on the market, and while it typically costs $27, it's now on sale for just $21.99. That's a 21% discount, no coupons needed!

This lightning cable, which is compatible with almost all Apple devices, isn't just remarkable because of the low price. It charges 80% faster than a regular power cord (it's 5V-2.1A 5V2.4A), so you can power up your devices in barely any time at all. It makes charging so much easier and more convenient! 

It also transmits data like music, pictures, and files faster than ever, with a 480mbps data transmission speed. Just plug your device into your laptop and watch how quickly it all downloads.

Another common charging issue is how easily cords can be damaged: The wrong twist or placement can leave it broken for good. The Braided MFI Certified USB-C to Lightning Cable 2M also addresses this issue, as its braided exterior, made with two-shade nylon, means it's more durable and resistant than other charging cables.

However, keep in mind this is just the cord. It does not come with a wall adapter.

So, save yourself precious time and ensure your devices charge as quickly as possible when you get the Braided MFI Certified USB-C to Lightning Cable 2M for only $21.99 now.

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