Take a video tour of this haunted Dollhouse Museum in Granbury, Texas

In this  video by Atlas Obscura, we're taken on a tour of a haunted Dollhouse Museum in Granbury, Texas. The museum has collected over 6,000 dolls since its opening in 2012. You'll find everything from Barbie dolls, to G.I. Joe dolls, miniature dolls figurines and classic baby dolls. 

There's something a little more peculiar inside this museum, though. There are stories of dolls appearing in places they weren't left, as if they moved on their own. The lights in the museum eerily flicker on and off, and strange noises echo throughout the building.

Whether you're a lover of the paranormal, dolls, or both, this museum looks like a fascinating place to spend an afternoon. If you ever find yourself in Granbury, Texas, be sure to take a look.

"This life-sized doll house in Granbury, Texas contains over 6,000 individual dolls, but perhaps it also contains something a little more ghostly. Tales have circulated of strange noises and figurines mysteriously rearranging themselves while the lights flicker on and off. Maybe these dolls are just a little more (after)lifelike than usual"